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Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.. Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise related to research, manufacture, marketing, technical support and installation service. We have been concentrating on developing and manufacturing many kinds of waste recycling machinery, include cable wire recycling machine, Printed circuit board (PCB) recycling machine, Aluminum plastic composite recycling machine, medical blister pack recycling machine, radiator recycling machine, waste tire and plastic recycling machine, etc. All the equipments adopt green technology which have no pollution to the environment.

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input material

  • Copper cable wire

    Copper cable wire

  • Aluminum cable wire

    Aluminum cable wire

  • Printed circuit boards

    Printed circuit boards

  • Medical blister pack

    Medical blister pack

  • Car radiator tank

    Car radiator tank

  • Air conditioner radiator

    Air conditioner radiator

  • Aluminum plastic package

    Aluminum plastic package

  • Aluminum plastic panel

    Aluminum plastic panel

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