Radiator/heat sink recycling machine

Product introduction of radiator/heat sink recycling machine:

radiator recycling machineRadiator recycling machine

Radiator recycling machine is also called heat sink recycling machine. Radiator recycling machine is used for processing air conditioner radiators and car water tanks to get metal copper, aluminum and iron.

Working process of radiator recycling machine:

working process of radiator recycling machineWorking process of radiator recycling machine

The working process of radiator recycling machine contains shredding, crushing, negative pressure baffle separating, magnetic separating, air separating.

First is shredding. Double shaft shredder pre-process waste radiators to 4-5 cm. Belt conveyor transfers shredded materials into crusher, and then crusher will crush these materials into 2-3 cm. Then these 2-3 cm materials will be transfered into negative pressure baffle system by wind transfer system. Negative pressure baffle will separate part of light aluminum from mixed metals first. Then using a magnetic separator to separate iron out of mixed metals by using the ferromagnetic roller, the separation rate can reach up to 97%. Finally, air separator separate copper from heavy aluminum according to the property of them. The separated copper, aluminum and iron can sold on the market directly. The profit is very really impressive.

Advantages of radiator recycling machine:

advantages of radiator recycling machineAdvantages of radiator recycling machine

1. The first crusher designed by double roller and have the advantage of low noise, big crusher chamber and etc.

2. Radiator recycling machine is a whole production line, so it is fully automatic, only one or two workers can operate it.

3. Radiator recycling machine adopts pulse dust collector, which can collect dust even below 0.4 micron, ensure the working environment is clean.

4. Radiator recycling machine can separate copper and aluminum and iron separately, the separation rate can reach 99%.

5. Radiator recycling machine adopts crushing and separating method to process waste radiators. Without using any physical materials, no secondary pollution to the environment.

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