Thailand 500kg/h radiator recycling machine running video

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This video mainly introduces the running video of the radiator recycling machine installed in Thailand by Henan Doing Company. It can help Thailand customer to process the waste air conditioning radiators to separate the copper and aluminium out for considerable profit.

The radiator recycling machine manufactured by Doing Company has many advantages:

1. Large processing capacity

The capacity of Henan Doing radiator recycling machine is 500-2000kg/h, and if you have large processing needs, we can customize suitable according to your needs.

2. High separating rate

radiator recycling machineWorking process of radiator recycling machine

Henan Doing radiator recycling machine processes waste radiators through shredding, crushing, negative-pressure baffling separation, magnetic separation and air separation. The separating rate can reach to 99%.

3. Easy to operate

Henan Doing radiator recyclinig machine is equipped with PLC control system, which only need one or two workers to operate, which is showed in video.

4. Environmental friendly

Henan Doing radiator recycling machine adopts dry type physical separation method, which use no water, no fire or no chemical solution, it is a totally environmental friendly machine.

radiator recycling machineRadiator recycling machine

For more information about radiator recycling machine, welcome to contact Henan Doing company and customize it at a competitive price.

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