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If you plan to start a radiator recycling business, you will certainly need a radiator recycling machine. There are many factors to consider before purchasing the radiator recycling machine. How to choose a proper radiator recycling machine? For more than 10 years's  experience, DOING has some tips for you here:

Tip one: Identify the kind of waste radiators

First of all, what kind of waste radiators can you collect? Different radiator recycling machines are suitable for different kinds of waste radiators. Do you have mainly air conditioner radiators or all kinds of waste radiators? Are your waste radiators flat or deformed?

radiator recycling machineRadiator recycling machine

If your waste radiators are mainly flat air conditioner radiators, a small type stripping machine would be a good choice. This machine can peel the copper tubes from aluminum foil completely. The advantage of this small type stripping machine is lower cost, less area occupied and operation easily. But it is suitable to process non-deformed radiators with 19mm, 21mm and 25mm tube space. The small type stripping machine also has the size limit. If your radiators are oversize or more than two layers, you’d better to equip a cutting machine.

If you have various waste radiators, then the radiator crushing and separation machine will be a better choice. This radiator crushing and separation machine includes a complete set of crushing, separating and dust removal system, suitable for all kinds of copper aluminum radiators and condensers.

Tip two: Identify the number of radiators

Secondly, how many tons of radiators can you collect per day or per month stably? This will decide the capacity of machines.

If you prefer small type stripping machine, there are two capacities for your selection, 300-400kg/h(3-4tons per day) and 500-600kg/h(5-6tons per day). For radiator crushing and separation machine, you will have more choice from 500kg/h to 4ton/h.

Here is a table with the parameters of the radiator recycling machine from DOING with different processing capacities. I hope this table will give you a reference.

Capacity(Kg/h)Power(Kw)Weight(Kg)Recovery Rate
500kg/h103Kw7500kg ≥99%

Tip three: Choose reliable machine and supplier

Thirdly, find a reliable machine and supplier. DOING’s radiator recycling machines have special design of crusher to decrease the aluminum-wrapped-in-copper particles. The negative-pressure baffling separator will extract the light aluminum out before air separator, to lessen the pressure of separation and improve the separation effect. And DOING’s radiator recycling machines have more stable performance and durable life with high quality parts, too.

In addition to the above advantages of the machines, our company also has its own factory and engineers. Here is a 3D video of DOING's radiator recycling machines, you can see the workflow of our radiator recycling machines through this video.

1.Shredder: Shredding of the raw material into small pieces with a shredder.

2.Crusher: Crushing small sections into pellets with a crusher. The crusher uses a long-hole screen, which is less prone to the formation of copper-clad aluminium.

3.Negative-pressure baffling separator: Sorting out light aluminium. It can also increases the separating rate and relieves the pressure on the air separator.

4.Magnetic separator: Removing iron from copper and aluminium.

5.Air separator: Copper and aluminum are sorted out using air separator according to the different specific gravity of the metals.

6.Pulse dust collector: During working process, pulse dust collector will collect the dust closely to protect the clean of working environment.

For after-sale service, DOING has professional technical and sales team to support you. The radiator recycling machines will have one year guarantee and all life service. So what you are waiting? Contact DOING for more information about radiator recycling machine!

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