American client purchased shredder and crusher of radiator recycling machine from Henan Doing Company

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On February 1, 2024, an American client ordered the broken parts of radiator recycling machine from Henan Doing Company. The broken parts of radiator crushing and recycling machine include a shredder and a crusher.

Radiator recycling machineRadiator recycling machine

This American client wanted to purchase the broken parts of radiator recycling machine for his company. Since the raw material is radiators pressed into blocks, he is concerned about the quality of the shredder and crusher and the service attitude.

Based on the client's needs, it is necessary to choose efficient and high-quality shredder and crusher to ensure that the radiators can be fully broken and facilitate sorting. Our salesman introduce the materials and characteristics of our shredder and crusher in details. After viewing the detailed information, operation videos and project cases of radiator recycling machine, the client was very satisfied with the quality of the machines and the strength of the company. Finally, he chose to signed a contract with us.

The shredder and crusher of adiator recycling machineThe shredder and crusher of radiator recycling machine

Doing Company provides radiator recycling machine with different processing capacities, such as: 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h, etc. In addition, we not only have a professional team of engineers responsible for research and design, but also our own factory can customize and produce high-quality radiator recycling machine that better meet client needs.

Henan Doing is a professional manufacturer of waste recycling machinery. Since our company was established in 2011, we are committed to providing clients with high-quality products and our waste recycling machine has been sold worldwide for 13 years. If you are interested in waste recycling business, welcome to contact us.

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