How dose copper aluminium radiator recycling machine work?

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The whole working process of the copper aluminium radiator recycling machine includes shredding, crushing, negative-pressure baffling separation, magnetic separation and air separation. After this process, we can get copper, aluminum and iron. If you want to have a clearer understanding of how this copper aluminium radiator recycling machine works, you can further read on.

copper aluminium radiator recycling machineCopper aluminium radiator recycling machine

The working video of this copper aluminium radiator recycling machine in DOING shows the following workflow:


Shredding of the raw material into small pieces with a shredder.


Crushing small sections into pellets with a crusher. The crusher uses a long-hole screen, which is less prone to the formation of copper-clad aluminium.

C.Negative-pressure baffling separation

Sorting out light aluminium with a negative-pressure baffling separator. The negative pressure baffle is a new technology developed by DOING, which allows a large amount of light aluminium to be sucked out first, thus increasing the separation rate.

copper aluminium radiator recycling machineAdvantages of copper aluminium radiator recycling machine

D.Magnetic separation

Removal of iron from copper and aluminium with a magnetic separator. DOING uses a magnetic separator with a tipping bucket. Unlike the manual iron removal methods on the market, Doing's magnetic separator is equipped with a strong magnet at the bottom, which can improve the efficiency of iron removal.

E.Air separation

Copper and aluminum are sorted out using air separator according to the different specific gravity of the metals.

The whole working process is by dry separation method and the dust is collected by a pulse dust removal system, so Doing’s copper aluminium radiator recycling machine is a completely environmentally friendly machine.

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