Why Doing cable wire granulator is so popular? What are the characteristics of it?

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Doing cable wire granulator is a recycling machine to separate copper and plastic from waste cables and wires, which is one of the hot selling recycling machines of Doing group. Well, why doing cable wire granulator is so popular? What are the characteristics? Let's talk about it.

cable wire granulatorCable wire granulator

a.) The separation rate of Doing cable wire granulator is pretty high. We can get high separation rate up to about 99% by according to adjust the air separator or electrostatic separator. It means that we can get considerable profit from the clean copper and plastic.

b.) Doing cable wire granulator is a totally environmental friendly machine. It adopts dry type physical separation method, which use no water, fire or chemicals. The produced dust will also be collected by cyclone and pulse dust removal system. Under the strict environmental policy, an environmental friendly machine will be a good choice.

cable wire granulatorCharacteristic of cable wire granulator

c.) Doing cable wire granulator has more stable performance and longer life, because it uses high quality parts and materials. For example, Doing cable wire granulator’s shredder is equipped with H13 material which is specifically used for processing metal. And the crusher blade is equipped with SKD-11, which has high hardness.

d.) Besides, it is fully automatic and easy to operate. Doing cable wire granulator is equipped with PLC control system, which only need one or two workers to run the machine.

cable wire granulatorCable wire granulator

The above are the characteristics of Doing cable wire granulator. Actually, Doing cable wire granulator also has the characteristic of small footprint, high working efficiency, customizable, etc. If you are interested in our cable wire granulator, welcome to contact us feel free!

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