200-300kg/h cable wire granulator was delivered to Myanmar from Henan Doing factory

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On June 5, 2023, a cable wire granulator with 200-300kg/h was delivered to Myanmar from Henan Doing factory. The following is the photo of delivery scene.

cable wire granulatorCable wire granulator loading picture

From the photo, we can see that the whole set of 200-300kg/h cable wire granulator is on one board, which is composed of a crusher, air separator, line-vibrating screen and pulse&cyclone dust collector. All the machine parts are fixed, so it’s very easy for transportation.

This set cable wire granulator is used to separate pure copper and plastic from waste cables and wires. The purpose of Myanmar customer buying cable wire granulator is mainly to process his cable wire scrap, for he runs a cable wire manufacturing factory. Dealing with cable wire scraps can not only reduce the waste, but also bring him a considerable profit.

cable wire granulatorCable wire granulator

Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to researching and fabrication of cable wire granulator for 13 years. If you are interested in cable wire granulator, please contact us, our manager can offer you a reasonable plan according to your processing materials, process capacity, and other aspects.

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