New order--the client from Shanxi, China ordered a DY-600 copper wire granulator machine

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On May 21, 2023, a client from Shanxi, China, signed a contract with DOING and ordered a DY-600 copper wire granulator machine.

The client is from Changzhi City, Shanxi Province and has been engaged in the recycling business, owning a plant and materials in the locality. He mainly dispose of used household appliances and want to buy a copper wire granulator machine to process scrap wires and cables to gain more profits and expand their recycling business.

Initially, the client was hesitant and cautious about ordering the copper wire granulator machine. In January 2021, the client visited our company and factory with his raw materials. He decided not to order for many doubts. Over the next two years, he repeatedly communicated with our salesman but eventually canceled due to financial problems. However, our salesman's patience and professionalism gave the client a sense of trust in the company.

copper wire granulator machinecopper wire granulator machine

On May 20th, the client contacted us again, wanting to visit the factory and test the DY-600 copper wire granulator machine. After seeing the working process and products of the machine, the client expressed satisfaction and said that he were more inclined to buy our company's copper wire granulator machine after contacting so many manufacturers. The client was hesitant about the price, but our engineers and salesmen provided the suitable configuration and best price according to the client's condition of raw materials and business scale.

On May 21st, the client made a contract with us after preparing a deposit. The DY-600 copper wire granulator machine is currently in production, and we will arrange delivery upon completion.

If you're interested in investing in copper wire recycling to obtain more profits, please contact us, and our engineering team will customize the most suitable machine according to your requirements.

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