New order - China client ordered a DY-600 copper wire granulator machine

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On 17th March 2023, a new order came. Our Jiangsu, China client ordered a DY-600 copper wire granulator machine from DOING Company.

Why the China client choose DOING Company?

1. Recognising the professionalism of DOING

This client had known the industry market for copper wire granulator machine and was familiar with the industry situation. The client contacted us on the 27th of February and told us that his raw material was copper-plastic composite material. As this processing raw material is not very common. Our salesman and engineer then designed a special equipment solution for him based on the customer's needs. After listening to our proposal, he was very impressed with our level of professionalism.

copper wire granulator machineCopper-plastic composite material

2. High quality equipment and strong company strength

At first, this China client visited other equipment manufacturers, but was not satisfied with them. When the client contacted our company, our salesman took him to visit our factory. In addition, when the customer came to our factory for the second time, he took the raw material to test the copper wire granulator machine. He was satisfied with the separation rate of the copper wire granulator machine. Finally, after comparing other manufacturers, the client was satisfied with the size of our factory and the quality of our copper wire granulator machine.

Finally, on 17th March 2023, this China client ordered the copper wire granulator machine from DOING. DOING Company has more than 10 years export experience. If you want to purchase the copper wire granulator machine, you can send requirement to us.

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