Congratulation! Copper wire recycling machine project was successfully put into production in Chongqing, China

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In September 2023, a copper wire recycling machine project was successfully put into production in China under the instruction of DOING Company. The copper wire recycling machine project is located in Chongqing, China, which mainly aims to recycle waste cables and wire into copper and plastic for profit.

Machine Configurations:

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine in customer's factory

This set of copper wire recycling machine is equipped with a crusher, an air separator and line-vibrating screen. In order to get more and purer copper, Besides, it also adds an electrostatic separator in order to get more and purer copper and plastic. The copper wire recycling machine has the advantages of high processing efficiency, big capacity, high automation degree and environmental protection, etc.

Project Construction Process:

December 2022: The Chongqing customer contacted us first to learn about the copper wire recycling machine. The business of our Chongqing customer mainly deals with a variety of materials, including automotive wires, communication wires, network cables, and electronic wire harnesses. Given the customer's high standard of the separating rate of the copper and plastic, our sales manager recommended DY-1500 electrostatic separator, which can effectively sort out materials of different thicknesses and sizes.

copper wire recycling machineCustomer's raw materials

April 2023: Our sales manager invited Chongqing customer to visit our company and factory. During the visiting, our engineers provided reasonable suggestions and conducted material testing for each type of material, which the client was very satisfied with the separation rate of copper wire recycling machine. On April 20, 2023, he signed a contract for purchasing copper wire recycling machine from Henan Doing Company.

May 2023: After the Chongqing customer signed the contract, DOING immediately issued a production start notice to the factory and began to manufacture the copper wire recycling machine. After strict quality inspection, all parts of the copper wire recycling machine were successfully loaded and shipped to the customer's factory. The following are some delivery pictures of copper wire recycling machine:

copper wire recycling machineDelivery picture

September 2023: Under the guidance of DOING engineer team, the copper wire recycling machine was successfully installed and put into production.

From the copper wire recycling machine's selection to the machine installation, DOING Company has professional teams to offer constructive solutions. We will use our expertise to help you set up your own copper wire recycling machine project smoothly and benefit more! Looking forward to reaching win-win cooperation with more customers.

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