India 2-3t/h radiator recycling machine project was successfully put into production

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On November 24, 2019, a 2-3t/h radiator recycling machine project was successfully put into production in India, which can help customer to get copper and aluminum from waste radiators for get high profit.

Customer situation:

The customer previous was engaged in diamond industry, but due to the sluggish market and other reasons, he decided to give up. After a series of market inspections, he decided to import waste radiators from Dubai abroad for start a radiator recycling business. And that's why he contacted us.

Why Indian customer choose us - Henan DOING?

1. Large processing capacity

Capacity(Kg/h)Overall DimensionPower(Kw)Weight(Kg)Recovery Rate
500kg/h16000*6500*4500mm103Kw7500kg ≥99%

The amount of waste radiators collected by Indian customer is particularly large, so he needs a large-capacity radiator recycling machine. However, he inspected many businesses and could not find a suitable processing capacity. The largest one was only 1,000kg/h. But our radiator recycling machine has large processing capacity of 2000kg/h, and we can customize suitable machine to meet the customer's requirement.

2. Good separation result

radiator recycling machineCrusher of radiator recycling machine

The other reason Indian customer choose us is that our radiator recycling machine has high separating rate and good separation result. Our radiator recycling machine is equipped with horizontal hammer crusher, which has a long hole screen instead of a round hole screen. Thus, there will be no phenomenon of copper clad aluminum, and the separation effect is good.

Due to the large processing capacity and good separation result of our radiator recycling machine, Indian customer chose to buy radiator recycling machine from Henan DOING, and singed a contract on August 14. After one month of manufacturing and testing, the radiator recycling machine was loaded and sent to India on September 17.

radiator recycling machineLoading picture

Today, radiator recycling machine has been installed and operated in India. We wish Indian customers a prosperous future in their radiator recycling business. If you have any relevant purchasing needs, please feel free to consult.

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