A client from Hunan ordered DY-400 shredder and electrostatic separator from Henan Doing

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On March 13, 2023, a client from Hunan ordered DY-400 shredder and electrostatic separator from Henan Doing.

The client from Hunan owns his company and cable wire recycling machine. But due to the wires to be processed were too complicated, the result of the separation of his cable wire recycling machine was not very satisfying to him, and that's the reason he found us.

In fact, in the process of docking with us, the client also inspected other equipment manufacturers. So why Hunan client finally chose to buy the shredder and electrostatic separator from Doing Company?

shredder and electrostatic separatorShredder and electrostatic separator

1. Professional

After knowing that the client's cable wire recycling machine is composed of a crusher and an air separator, our sales manager understood the reason for the low separation rate. Then the solution proposed by our sales manager is to add a shredder and an electrostatic separator on the basis of his cable wire recycling machine, instead of asking the client to re-purchase a complete set of cable wire recycling machine from them like other manufacturers.

2. Powerful strength

The client has visited our company twice on February, 21 and March 13. For the first visit of our factory, he watched the working process of cable wire recycling machine, whose separation result is amazing to him. For the second visit, it happened that there were stocks in the factory, so he signed a contract to buy shredder and electrostatic separator directly.

If you need cable wire recycling machine, or just want to get higher separation rate with your cable wire recycling machine, welcome to contact us for inquiry to customize suitable machines at favorable prices or come to our factory having a visit.

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