Indian customer signed a purchase contract with DOING for DY-1800 electrostatic separator

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On September 9, 2023, an Indian customer ordered a DY-1800 electrostatic separator from DOING company, in order to process medical blister packs to separate aluminium from plastic.

electrostatic separatorElectrostatic separator

On August 23, 2023, It was the first time for Indian customer to contact us, asking for sharing more details of electrostatic separator. Our sales manager made a detailed introduction of our electrostatic separator patiently, including power consumption, over dimension, weight, capacity, etc. After two weeks' communication, this customer signed a purchase contract for electrostatic separator with DOING on September 9.

Why Indian customer chose us - Henan DOING?

1. High quality of electrostatic separator

The Indian customer was intend to process the waste medical blister packs to get the aluminium and plastic. It happens that we have whole set of medical blister pack recycling machine to process waste medical blister packs through crushing, grinding and electrostatic separation. After watching the whole working video of our medical blister pack recycling machine provided by our sales manager, he was pretty pleased with the separating rate. Due to he has his own grinder, he preferred to buy an electrostatic separator, rather than the whole set medical blister pack recycling machine.

2. Professional service of sales manager

Based on the fact that Indian customer had no import experience, our sales manager gave and guided him a lot of suggestions, and communicated for a long time from being an agent to which trade method to adopt. The profession service made him have a better understanding of importation.

The successful signing of the contract is only the beginning of this cooperation. Henan DOING's comprehensive service system will ensure the timely delivery of electrostatic separator and arrange follow-up installation and operation training to ensure the smooth operation of the project. If you are interested in our electrostatic separator or medical blister pack recycling machine, you can contact us online.

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