Hunan customer purchased an electrostatic separator from Henan Doing

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On May 12th, Hunan customer purchased one set DY-1500 electrostatic separator from Henan Doing. This is the second time that the customer purchased equipment from Henan Doing.

On March 15th, this customer purchased one set 100-150kg/h (DY-400) waste wire granulator machine from Henan Doing first time. The waste wire granulator machine can process his hundreds kilo of waste cable wires in his storage easily. But recently, there are some thinner earphone wires in his collected waste cable wires. In order to get higher purity copper and plastic, there is higher requirement of configuration of DY-400 waste wire granulator machine.

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electrostatic separatorElectrostatic separator

Because the customer bought waste wire granulator machine from our company, he trusted our company, then he asked our sales manager for help. Our sales manager recommended him electrostatic separator. This machine is designed for separating metal from non-metal according to their different conductivity. The separation rate can reach to 99%. The customer is satisfied with this machine, he immediately ordered the machine.

Henan Doing has machinery manufacture experience over 10 years, which has obtained many customer's trust. If you want to purchased metal and plastic separating machine, Henan Doing will be your preferred choice. Quickly to contact us!

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