Dry type copper wire granulator machine

Dry type copper wire granulator machine is an environmental protection type machinery. And as the products are copper granules and plastic granules, it is called copper wire granulator machine.

copper wire granulator machineCopper wire granulator machine

Dry type copper wire granulator is used for recycling scrap cable wires to separated copper and plastic through shredding or crushing, air separation or electrostatic separation process, totally dry and physical separation method.

1. Equipment composition

copper wire granulator machineCopper wire granulator machine

Dry type copper wire granulator machine is composed of shredder, crusher, air separator, electrostatic separator, magnetic separator and pulse dust collector. Magnetic separator is optional equipment, Henan Doing company will customize or equip the equipment according to customer requirements. But considering the separation rate of copper, Doing suggest you equip with magnetic separator.

2. Raw material

copper wire granulator machineVarious raw materials

Dry type copper wire granulator machine can handle raw materials including: copper wire, telephone wire, communication wire, control board wire, industrial copper wire, fine wool wire, copper plastic composite wire, aluminum plastic wire, sheathed wire copper and cable. According to different materials and handling capacity, dry type copper wire granulator machine can be adjusted to make metal and plastic separation purity up to 99.9%.

3. Processing flow

copper wire granulator machineProcess of copper wire granulator machine

(1) Shredding and crushing the waste copper wires into small particles to ensure the purity of copper.

(2) After shredding and crushing, the copper particles will enter the air separator to separate the copper and plastic.

(3) The copper and plastic came out of the air separator will be conveyed to electrostatic separator to be further separate. The reason to equip with the electrostatic separator is that the device can sort copper and plastics by virtue of the conductivity of copper.By now, 99.9% copper has been separated.

(4) In order to protect dust from polluting the plant and purify the copper, dry type copper wire granulator machine of Henan Doing is equipped with pulse dust collector to stop dust out of the machine. The copper and plastic separated by the machine can sold to corresponding plant to further process.

4. Technical parameters of dry type copper wire granulator machine

Capacity(Kg/h)   Overall Dimension Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Recovery Rate
100-150kg/h (DY-400) 4000*2000*2300mm 25kw 1500kg ≥99.9%
200-300kg/h (DY-600) 5000*4000*2500mm 38kw 3500kg
300-400kg/h (DY-800) 6000*5000*4200mm 65kw 4500kg
500-600kg/h 14000*6000*4200mm 100kw 7000kg
1000kg/h 18000*14000*4200mm 210kw 10000kg
2000kg/h 28000*20000*5000mm 300kw 15000kg

The technical team and engineer team of Doing continuously improve dry type copper wire granulator machine to improve the efficiency of the equipment. If you want to invest in scrap copper wire recycling, you can leave a message to Henan Doing. Doing experienced engineers will provide scientific and reasonable solutions according to your output, budget, etc., to ensure the quality and efficiency of your production.

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