Copper wire granulator machine

Copper wire granulator machine is a kind of environmental protection type machinery, for recycling scrap cable wires to separated copper and plastic through crushing, air separation or electrostatic separation process, without using fire, water or chemical, thus no secondary pollution to the environment.

copper wire granulator machine Copper wire granulator machine

Application Scope of Copper wire granulator machine:

Crushing and sorting of various waste wires, sorting of broken copper, Any building wires and cables, industrial cables, fixture wires or special purpose wire and cable, like battery lead wire, boat wire, bus drop cable, electric vehicle cable, distributed generation cable, etc, all could be recycled through copper wire granulator machine.

copper wire granulator machine Scrap copper wires that can be recycled by copper wire granulator machine

Specification of Copper wire granulator machine:

ModelDimensionCapacityPowerWeightRecovery Rate 

Design Features of Copper wire granulator machine:

1. Integrated type design, with compact structure, small land occupy size, easy to move to anywhere you want;

2. PLC control, easy to operate, one operator is enough;

3. The air separator adopts Italian air suspension separation technology, both the vibration frequency and air supply could be accurately adjusted according to the different materials.

copper wire granulator machine Copper wire granulator machine and the separated copper & plastic

4.The crusher use SKD-11 alloy blades, the hardness is H85 degree, which could ensure the good toughness under high wear resistance guarantee with the alternated splayed structure.

5. The whole process is under sealed structure with advanced pulse dust collector, which could ensure no dust fly around during the operation.

6. For very thin wires, like car wires which are less than 3mm, we also have the electrostatic separator which could be equipped with the air separator for further separation, thus to fully separate the thin copper left with plastics.

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