Video feedback of the waste wire cable recycling machine ordered by Argentina customer

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This video shows the whole running process of 100-150kg/h waste wire cable recycling machine. Not long ago, we received this video from our Argentina customer. He was very satisfied with this DY-400 waste wire cable recycling machine designed and produced by our company.

DY-400 waste wire cable recycling machineDY-400 waste wire cable recycling machine

He said that our engineers and sales staff are very professional and good at communication, able to understand customer needs and provide professional suggestions. The raw materials he collected are quite special. In order not to affect the final sorting effect, our engineers suggested adding a shredder. Therefore, what is in the conveyor belt in the video is shredded scrap copper cable. The final sorting effect is shown in the video, there is no plastic in copper.

Waste wire cable recycling machineWaste wire cable recycling machine

Generally speaking, our waste wire cable recycling machine can process all the waste wires and cables we encounter in our daily life. However, if the diameter difference between the wires is relatively large, the final sorting rate will be lower than that of wires with a relatively uniform thickness. If you want to get more profits and reduce losses, we also provide customized services that can be flexibly configured according to customer needs.

In addition to waste wire cable recycling machine, we also provide circuit board recycling machine, copper aluminum radiator recycling machine, lithium battery recycling equipment, aluminum plastic recycling separator, etc.

If you are also interested in recycling business, please contact Doing Company and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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