One set DY-600 copper wire granulator machine was loaded and delivered to Shanxi Province, China

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On August 11, 2023, the DY-600 copper wire recycling granulator machine and an electrostatic separator were loaded on the lorry to be sent to Shanxi Province, China.

The following is the loading process video of these two equipment.

This customer has been in the recycling business for many years, but is still very cautious about ordering a copper wire granulator machine. After full preparation and raw material testing, he was very satisfied with the separation effect of the copper wire granulator machine. And he finally decided to order a DY-600 copper wire granulator machine with 200-300kg/h processing capacity from our DOING Factory.

DY-600 copper wire granulator machineDY-600 copper wire granulator machine

In less than two months, workers of our factory successfully completed the manufacturing of the DY-600 copper wire granulator machine according to the engineer's design drawings. Subsequently, after verification by the quality inspection team, our staff immediately arranged delivery to Shanxi Province, China.

The advantages of copper wire granulator machineThe advantages of copper wire granulator machine

Besides, our copper wire granulator machine has the advantages of integrated design, fully automatic PLC control, high efficiency and wide processing size range for 0-80mm wires and cables and small land occupation size. After installation and commission, the copper wire granulator machine can enter working status once the power is turned on.

Here, DOING hope our customer's business more prosperous! And if you need a copper wire granulator machine, please contact us.

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