How to install and operate a copper wire granulator machine?

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If you are planning to invest in a copper wire granulator machine, it is important to know how to install and operate it. In this article, we will guide you through the process of installing and operating a copper wire granulator machine.

copper wire granulator machineCable wire recycling machine

Installation Process

Step 1: Choose the Right Location

The first step in installing a copper wire granulator machine is to choose the right location. The machine should be placed in a dry and well-ventilated area. It should also be placed on a flat surface to ensure stability. The location should also be easily accessible for maintenance and repair purposes.

Step 2: Assemble the Machine

The next step is to assemble the copper wire granulator machine. Follow the manufacture’s instructions carefully to ensure that all the parts are assembled correctly. Make sure that all the bolts and nuts are tightened properly. It is important to note that some machines may require additional assembly, such as attaching the blades or screens.

Step 3: Connect the Power Supply

Once the copper wire granulator machine is assembled, connect the power supply. Make sure that the voltage and frequency of the power supply match the specifications of the machine. It is important to use a grounded outlet to prevent electrical shock.

Step 4: Test the Machine

Before using the copper wire granulator machine, test it to make sure that it is working properly. Run a few wires through the machine to check the output. Make sure that the copper and plastic are being separated properly and that there are no leaks or malfunctions.

Operating Process

copper wire granulator machineProcess

Step 1: Feed the Copper Wires into the Machine

Once the wires are prepared, feed them into the copper wire granulator machine. The machine will automatically separate the copper from the plastic insulation.

Step 2: Collect the Copper and Plastic

The copper and plastic will be separated into two different bins. Collect the copper and plastic separately.

Step 3: Clean the Machine

After using the copper wire granulator machine, clean it thoroughly to remove any debris or contaminants. This will ensure that the machine works properly the next time you use it. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

Installing and operating a copper wire granulator machine is not difficult if you follow the manufacture’s instructions carefully. Here is the installation and operation of DOING copper wire granulator machine, I hope it can give you a reference.

First, DOING copper wire granulator machine has different capacities, like small model and big model. So their design is different too. Like small model machine, normally we design it integrated, which no need installation later. When machine arrives at your factory, just need to connect the power, then can operate the machine directly. I show a picture of this kind of machine for check.

copper wire granulator machineCopper wire granulator machine

Like above, the copper wire granulator machine’s capacity is about 200-300kg/h, which is the most popular one for people who are new to start the copper wire recycling business. As it’s the small one, so easy to operate, no worry. Furthermore, we’ll have operation manual attached with machine, which can help customers to operate too.

Also, there will be big line of the machine too, like 1T/H capacity. It will be a processing line, which needs to be installed when customers receive it. Together share a picture here of the machine for check.

copper wire granulator machine1T/H capacity

For this kind of copper wire granulator machine, before delivery, we’ll give special connection marks on the machine, so when people receive the machine, can install the machine according to the marks directly, which is very helpful and convenient. For operation, there will be operation manual attached together too, and online guidance is also available always. Just if you have any question on installation or operation, we’ll give feedback and answers in time to help your side. Furthermore, we have professional installation engineer’s team too. If customers need, engineers are also available.

Our DOING company has been in the waste recycling machinery manufacturing area for more than 12 years. So whatever machine quality or after-sales service, we all can give reliable guarantee here. And welcome your visit in China of our company and factory too!

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