How to recycle your old wires and cables more efficiently? --Using wires and cables granulator

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Are you looking for an effective way to recycle your old wires and cables for profit? We advise you to consider using a wires and cables granulator. Wires and cables granulator can easily separate copper and plastic from your old wires and cables, and help you get pure copper and plastic which can be sold at a good price.

There are two types of wires and cables granulators on the market: dry-type physical wires and cables granulator and water-type wires and cables granulator. If you want to recycle your old wires and cables more efficiently, you should choose dry-type physical wires and cables granulator, which has no waste water and other pollution, and the copper isn't soaked and no need to be dryed.

wires and cables granulatorWire and cables granulator

Next, we will focus on the efficiency of the dry-type wires and cables granulator from separation rate and configuration.

Working process of wires cables granulatorWorking process of wires cables granulator

The dry-type wires and cables granulator is composed of a shredder, crusher, air separator, electrostatic separator, magnetic separator and pulse dust collector.

The shredder pretreats the wires and cables and processes thicker wires. The crusher then crushes the pretreated wires and cables into about 3mm pieces. The shredder and crusher can crush various cables and wires into small particles, making it easy for the wires and cables granulator to process a large amount of old wires and cables in a short time. Our company uses dual crushing to make the pieces more uniform and avoid plastic-coated copper, facilitating separation.

And those waste and miscellaneous wires will be entangled with each other and cannot be separated. Or a miscellaneous wire with plugs and iron mixed together. It is recommended that you add a shredder to process. If there is iron in your material, add a magnetic separator to the conveyor belt to select the iron inside. Removing iron can make your separation rate more higher.

Our company use a self-unloading magnetic separator for the magnetic separator, which automatically selects the materials without manual cleaning. There is also this kind of simple iron removal device on the market, which is simply a magnet, and the efficiency of iron removal will become low when it is full of adsorption.

air separationAir separator

The crushed material of the crusher is a mixture of copper and plastic, and the next step is to sort. According to the principle of airflow suspension, the air separator suspends and separates copper and plastics with the same particle size due to the different forces received by different weights, and then separates them. This side is made of copper, and this side is made of plastic.

electrostatic separationElectrostatic separator

After sorting by the air separator, the separation rate is around 98-99%. If the wire is relatively thick, such as a square wire, the separation rate is almost 99%, and the separation will be very clean. If the wires is thinner, the separation rate is about 98%, and there will be 2-3 points of copper loss. To reduce copper loss, it is recommended to add an electrostatic separator to the plastic outlet. The electrostatic separation equipment is based on the different charging properties of metals and non-metals, achieving a recovery rate of over 99.9%.

The configuration ensures that the recycling of each component is completed quickly and accurately. With PLC control system, wires and cables granulator is easy to operate by one or two workers. Our machine has different processing capacities for you to choose from, ranging from 200-300kg/h to 1t/h.

Choosing DOING wires and cables granulator is a wise decision as it can deal with almost all the wires and cables encountered in life and is more economical due to its long lifespan and high efficiency.

As a manufacturer with over 12 years of experience in waste recycling machinery manufacturing, we have exported machines to over 80 countries with positive feedback. Our professional engineer team and salesmen can provide better suggestions to deal with your concerns. If you are interested in wires and cables recycling business, please contact us.

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