Working video of copper wire granulator machine in Chongqing of China

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This above video shows us a working video of copper wire granulator machine, which is provided by our Chinese customer. From this video, we can learn two important points:

1. Copper wire granulator machine has wide application.

copper wire granulator machineWaste cables and wires

From the video, we can see that the raw materials handled by Chinese customer are relatively complex, some are relatively neat, some are entangled, some are thick, and some are thin. But copper wire granulator machine can process them together.

2. Copper wire granulator machine has high separating rate.

copper wire granulator machineCopper wire granulator machine

After processing, what we get from waste cables and wires are copper and plastic. From this video, we can see that the copper is pretty clear, there is no plastic in it. The high purity of copper can bring the Chinese customer high profit.

Henan Doing's copper wire granulator machine adopts dry type physical separation to process waste cables and wires, which can separate copper from plastic through crushing and separating, without damaging the quality of copper. If you also want to get high profit from waste cable wire recycling business, welcome to contact us to order copper wire granulator machine.

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