Customer from Hubei, China ordered one DY-600 copper wire granulator machine from Henan DOING

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On July 28, 2023, a customer from Hubei, China ordered a DY-600 copper wire granulator machine from Henan DOING. This type copper wire granulator machine can process 200-300kg waste copper wires per hour through crushing, magnetic separation and air separation.

copper wire granulator machineDY-600 copper wire granulator machine

The customer is mainly engaged in waste recycling business, and the raw materials contain some scrap copper wires, which can be separated into copper and plastic for profit. That's the reason he found us.

Actually, this customer has inspected many copper wire granulator machinery manufacturers. But, why he finally chose we Henan DOING to buy copper wire granulator machine?

1. High separating rate

copper wire granulator machineAir separator and electrostatic separator

The separating rate of our machine can reach to 99%. - Due to the different density of copper and plastic, the air separator can separate them through wind and vibration. If there are very thin wires, and you want to get purer copper, an electrostatic separator can be equipped.

2. Wide application

copper wire granulator machineDifferent kinds of cable wires

DOING' copper wire granulator machine has wide application. - Copper wire granulator machine can process all kinds of waste cables and wires, such as electric wires, power cable, vehicle wiring, armoured wire, electronic wiring harness, etc.

3. Company strength

copper wire granulator machineCompany strength

Our factory possesses an independent technology R&D team, such as process design engineer team, machine manufacturing engineer team, electrical engineer team, etc., more than 100 employees. And our factory area reaches 30,000 square meters, which has introduced CNC plasma cutting machines, automatic submerged arc welding machine and various lathe series machining equipment, to strictly control the production quality of machine.

Welcome to contact us for inquiry to customize suitable machines at favorable prices or come to our factory having a visit, if you need copper wire granulator machine.

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