Iraqi customer purchased a DY-1200 radiator stripping machine from Henan Doing Company

Date:2023-08-25 11:16:20/ DOING News/ Chat Online/ Leave message

On August 25, 2023, an Iraqi customer purchased a DY-1200 radiator stripping machine with the capacity of 500-600kg/h from Henan Doing Company. In addition, this customer also purchased a radiator cutting machine to come and work with radiator stripping machine.

On August 17, Iraqi customer contacted us through a YouTube video to learn about radiator stripping machine, and our sales manager treated him warmly. Our sales manager made a detailed introduction to him, including the over dimension, feed input size, voltage, capacity, etc. After knowing the capacity, the Iraqi customer said that he has contacted many companies, but has not found a suitable machine. Our radiator stripping machine with large capacity is that machine he looking for. So he signed a contract with our company directly.

radiator stripping machineDY-1200 radiator recycling machine

At present, radiator stripping machine ordered by Iraqi customer is manufacturing, and the latest news will be updated continuously. If you are interested in our radiator stripping machine, welcome to contact us feel free.

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