Radiator stripping machine

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Product introduction:

Radiator stripping machineRadiator stripping machine

Radiator stripping machine is a kind of small waste radiator processing machine, suitable for small investors using, low cost, small footprint, which can separate copper tube and aluminum from radiator easily.

The kind of radiators which can be processed:

DOING radiator stripping machine can process single-layer or double-layer flat waste air condition radiators, whose width is 30-40cm.

Radiator stripping machineRaw materials

The parameter of DOING radiator stripping machine:

Capacity(Kg/h)Overall DimensionPower(Kw)Weight(Kg)Recovery Rate
1760*950*1350mm7Kw750Kg ≥99%

Related products-radiator cutting machine:

Radiator cutting machine can cut the radiators into 30-40cm wide with a band saw, to fit the width of material inlet.

If the radiator is single-layer or double-layer, it can be processed directly. If the thickness is 3 to 4 layer, it have to be cut into suitable size and thickness by radiator cutting machine.

The working process of DOING radiator stripping machine:

The features of DOING radiator stripping machine:

1. DOING radiator stripping machine is integrated designing, small footprint, easy to move and operate;

2. DOING radiator stripping machine is with safety protection device. When the staff's hands exceed the set safety distance, the equipment will automatically stop to avoid the staff being wounded

3. Self-design and self-production, ensure the high quality of equipment, and the long service life.

Service support of DOING:

● 1 year warranty

● Provide test machine service

● Machine installation and operation training

● Custom voltage

Package of the radiator stripping machine:

1) Inner Package: machines covered by plastic film

2) Outer Package: plywood case

Besides, DOING also provide large scale waste radiator crushing and separating line, you can click to learn about the detailed information. More question, contact us!

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