Costa Rica customer ordered a radiator stripping machine from Doing Company

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On February 4, 2023, a Costa Rica customer ordered a radiator stripping machine, whose processing capacity is 500-600kg/h.

radiator stripping machineWaste radiators

The client's company is mainly in the business of scrap metal recycling. The raw materials are mixed with some waste radiators. Since the radiator is composed of copper and aluminum, which is a pity to throw it away, so the customer wants to separate copper and aluminum out of the waste radiators to obtain more profits.

radiator stripping machineRadiator recycling machines

After understanding our Costa Rica customer's needs, our sales manager introduced two kinds of radiator recycling equipment to the customer: radiator stripping machine and waste radiator recycling production line. The amount of waste radiators customer collecting, however, is not very large, our sales manager suggested that the customer choose the radiator stripping machine according to processing capacity.

radiator stripping machineRadiator stripping machine

In order to let our Costa Rica customer know more about radiator stripping machine, the sales manager went to our factory in person, and carried out a machine test to detect the operation of radiator recycling machine. Obviously, the customer was pretty satisfied with our machine and company. On February 4, he signed a contract with our company.

At present, the radiator stripping machine is in production, and we will continue to update the details. If you have needs for buying radiator stripping machine, you can also contact us at any time.

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