Fast way to separate copper tubes from waste radiators - Radiator stripping machine

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Maybe you haven’t heard about the radiator stripping machine before, but you must know the radiators, like air conditioner, car water tanks, industrial cold storage, etc. They all include radiators inside. So when these products become waste, the waste radiators will be generated accordingly. Waste radiator stripping machine is that machine to process the waste radiators to get copper tubes and aluminum foils.

The radiator stripping machine is a single machine actually, which is mainly process waste air conditioner radiators of flat and undeformed. First, use the radiator cutting machine to cut the radiators into proper thickness and width. Then put the radiators on the radiator stripping machine directly, copper tubes will be separated from aluminum foils fast.

So after reading above, if you want to know more about radiator stripping machine, you can contact our DOING company for more information!

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