Radiator stripping machine was sent to Palestine

Date:2022-06-30 16:37:47/ DOING News/ Chat Online/ Leave message

On June 30th, 2022, a set of radiator stripping machine and a radiator cutting machine were loaded in the truck and prepared to be transported to port, and be shipped to Palestine finally.

radiator stripping machineRadiator stripping machine

This batch of equipment is ordered by our Palestinian client on June 1st. After signed the contract, our DOING Factory immediately started the production of the radiator stripping machine and radiator cutting machine, and on June 25th, finished the whole production task.

Before packing, our sales took the running test video and sent it to our Palestinian client for ensure the equipment is well.

And then after receiving the confirming of our Palestinian client, our sales arranged the worker to pack the two equipment - the radiator stripping machine and radiator cutting machine.

So far, the radiator stripping machine and radiator cutting machine is still on the way to Palestine. When they put into production, we will update news in time. You can keep focusing on our news!

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