Henan Doing Company held a "Moutai Cup" F1 Formula Kart Racing Competition

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On July 6, Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd held a team activity - "Moutai Cup" F1 Formula Kart Racing Competition. E-commerce and sales teams of Henan Doing Company are the mainly participants to competed for Maotai.

Before the competition, everyone was grouped through two mini games. After about 2 hours, everyone has their own partner. Then the intense game begins.

Henan Doing CompanyPlaying games

There are 5 qualifiers were played totally, and each qualifier will determined a first place. Then the first place in all qualifiers will participate in the semi-finals to determine the final winner. Finally, Miss Jia and Mr Zhang won the competition of "Moutai Cup" F1 formula kart racing competition with 1m09s/lap.

Henan Doing CompanyThe winners of "Maotai Cup"

In this competition, all of people has spend a joyful time of experiencing the racing speed of kart. Not only the cooperation ability and affection between e-commerce and sales team enhanced, but the company's team cohesion improved.

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