Running video of PCB recycling machine in Hong Kong

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This is a running video of 500kg/h PCB recycling machine, which is purchased by our Hong Kong customer. At this moment, it is running stably in the customer's factory.

The purpose of Hong Kong customers purchasing PCB recycling machine is to process the waste computer motherboards. In this video, we can also see the waste computer motherboards with electronic components. Actually, PCB recycling machine can also process other waste circuit boards, like cell phone boards, TV board, washing machine boards, copper clad laminate, etc. All of them can be separated into precious metals and resin fiber through PCB recycling machine.

PCB recycling machinePCB recycling machine

In addition, we can learn about the components of PCB recycling machine. This set PCB recycling machine is consisted of a shredder, hammerhead crusher, hammer crusher, eddy-vibrating screen, air separator and electrostatic separator. Different processing capacity has different configurations.

Henan Doing PCB recycling machine is hot selling in many countries and areas, like Russia, Australia, Hong Kong, Colombia, India, Bangladesh, etc. Welcome to contact us to get Your PCB recycling machine!

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