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PCB recycling machine is also called E-waste recycling machine, which is specially designed for separating and recycling precious metals and resin fiber from PCB scraps. PCB board recycling machine also can be used to destroy the data on the circuit board. If you want to buy PCB recycling machine to make money, then this kind of hot sale PCB recycling machine(high voltage electrostatic separation type) is worth purchasing.

Ⅰ.PCB recycling machine features

PCB recycling machinePCB recycling machine features

This kind of PCB recycling machine is designed by Henan Doing Company. And it is hot sale in more than 80 countries and regions by virtue of its high recovery rate, large output, power saving, pollution-free, easy handling features, etc. It is controlled by PLC system, which can make PCB recycling machine fully automatic with stable performance. And the copper recovery rate of this kind of PCB recycling machine is up to 99%, which takes in China and abroad.

Ⅱ.Working process

working process of PCB recycling machineWorking process of PCB recycling machine

This hot sale PCB recycling machine can process all kinds PCB scraps through the following working process: dismantling, crushing, eddy-vibrating screen, separation.

①Dismantling: if the waste circuit board has electronic components, first disassemble it with a disassembling machine;

②Crushing: use the crusher to crush the PCB scraps;

③Eddy-vibrating screen: the crushed material goes into the eddy-vibrating screen through the air conveyor for fine screening, and the not fully-crushed materials will be returned to the crusher for further crushing;

④Separation: according to the differences of specific gravity and electrical conductivity between metal and non-metal, the mixed metal and resin powder with high purity were obtained by the dual separation of air separator and electrostatic separator.

Ⅲ.Technical data PCB recycling machine

Capacity(Kg/h)   Overall Dimension Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Recovery Rate
100-150kg/h 8000*6000*4200mm 42kw 6000kg ≥99%
200-300kg/h 10000*6000*4200mm 76kw 7500kg
400-500kg/h 16000*8000*4200mm 95kw 8500kg
500-700kg/h 21000*9000*4200mm 140kw 10000kg
800-1000kg/h 24000*10000*4500mm 250kw 14000kg
1500-2000kg/h 28000*20000*5000mm 470kw 19000kg

Doing company mainly offers the PCB recycling machine with the following specifications to meet the processing needs of different customers.

Welcome to contact us and tell us your detailed requirements, Henan Doing Company can customize you the most suitable PCB recycling machine at factory price. And the quality of our PCB recycling machine and the after-sales services are fully guaranteed!

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