Good news! Customer from Henan, China signed a contract for cable wire recycling machine with Henan Doing Company

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On April 23, 2023, customer from Henan, China visited our factory, and signed a contract for cable wire recycling machine with Henan Doing Company. The machine purchased by China customer can process waste cables and wires with the processing capacity of 100-150kg/h.

cable wire recycling machineCable wire recycling machine

In fact, at the earlier of June 2020, this customer has contacted us already. But due to financial problems, it's over in the end. As our sales managers leave a very professional impression on customer, thus, he found us again after funding issues are resolved and the project is about to be restarted.

Although the customer from Henan, China has known about our cable wire recycling machine before, after three years, our machine has also made some improvements in some aspects. When sales manager introduced our machine to Chines customer, he focused on explaining the machine details. For example, our cable wire recycling machine is equipped with air separator and electrostatic separator, which can help machine get the 99% separating rate.

cable wire recycling machineAir separator

Besides, our sales manager invited the customer to our factory to see the actual running performance of cable wire recycling machine. When the machine was running, the customer mentioned that he had previously purchased cable wire recycling machine from other suppliers, but the energy consumption is too high, the power system at home can't drive this machine. The sales manager told the customer that our cable wire recycling machine's power consumption is only 25kw/h, which consumes less energy. The customer was very satisfied, so he signed a contract for cable wire recycling machine with our company.

cable wire recycling machineHenan Doing Factory

We are pleased that customer from Henan, China choose us and buy our cable wire recycling machine. If you also has this need, welcome to contact us - Henan Doing, who has rich experience in manufacturing cable wire recycling machine over 12 years. We are looking forward to provide you with the highest quality machine and service.

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