DY-600 cable wire granulator machine was ordered by Chinese client

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On November 24, 2023, Henan Doing Company, a leading supplier of e-waste recycling machine, was pleased to announce the signing of a contract with Chinese client for the supply of a set of 200-300kg/h cable wire granulator machine.

cable wire granulator machineDY-600 cable wire granulator machine

Our Chinese client have engaged in scrapped vehicles dismantling business for years. With soaring copper price and robust market demand, our client recognized the immense potential for establishing a cable wire recycling business. After conducting thorough feasibility studies, he began to find the supplier of cable wire granulator machine, and finally found us.

cable wire granulator machineChinese customer inspection scene

During the visiting of our factory, the separation rate of our cable wire granulator machine left a deep impression on the customer. Moreover, on the day of the inspection, foreign customers continued to visit our company and factory, which also made customers more confident in the strength of our company.

Comparing various options available in the market, they acknowledged that Henan Doing Company stood out in terms of technical maturity, operational stability, and cost-effectiveness. Finally, they signed a contract for purchasing full cable wire granulator machine.

The fully cable wire granulator machine will enable our Chinese client to process waste cables and wires efficiently and transform them into valuable copper and plastic. Henan Doing Company is proud to support our clients in their pursuit of eco-friendly and profitable cable wire recycling business and look forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership with more customers. Welcome to contact us feel free!

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