Vietnamese customers visit PCB separation recycling machine

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On October 18, Vietnamese customers came to Henan Doing's factory. They came for a visit and inspecting PCB separation recycling machine. Below is photo of Vietnamese customers at Doing factory:

Vietnamese customers at Doing factoryVietnamese customers at Doing factory

Why Vietnamese customers are very interested in PCB board recycling business?

Our sales knows that from Vietnamese customers, they thinks that PCB board recycling business is quite promising in Vietnam because Vietnam is now developing the manufacturing industry of electronic products. In addition, their domestic friends are also engaged in PCB board recycling business for a long time and know more about it in detail.

In Doing Factory, they took a closer look at our small and large scale PCB separation recycling machine, and listened to the equipment introduction of our sales. Besides, they also see the workers are manufacturing PCB separation recycling machine ordered by other customers, very satisfied with the factory strength. They expressed that he was looking forward to cooperating with us.

PCB separation recycling machinePCB separation recycling machine

Henan DOING is a professional manufacturer of E-waste & Solid waste recycling equipment with more than 13 years of experience and has exported to more than 50 countries with good feedback. So if you are interested in metal recycling business, and want to know more about PCB separation recycling machine, welcome to contact us.

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