What can we obtain by processing 1 tons waste radiators?

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Waste radiators are regarded as an important source of raw material for scrap metal recycling. The waste radiators are mainly made of copper and aluminum, which has a high recycling value. By processing waste radiators, we can obtain metals such as copper, aluminium and iron.

radiator recycling machineRadiator recycling machine

According to the data, the average waste radiators contain 50-55% copper, 40-45% aluminium and the rest is iron. Therefore, by processing 1 tons waste radiators, we get 530 kg of copper, 430 kg of aluminium and 40 kg of iron.

Now, we know that we can obtain all of these metals from a tonne of waste radiators. For the next step, how to process waste radiators to get cooper, aluminum and iron is the problem many people want to know. At present, there are two types of radiator recycling machines that can recycle used radiators in DOING. One is a stripping type radiator recycling machine, the other is a radiator crushing and separation machine.

stripping type radiator recycling machineStripping type radiator recycling machine

The stripping type radiator recycling machine can only process air conditioning radiators. The advantage is that it is simple to operate, occupies a small area and consumes little electricity. The limitation is that it can only process flat, undeformed radiators.

radiator crushing and separation machineRadiator crushing and separation machine

The radiator crushing and separation machine can process a wide range of different radiators and have a high processing capacity. So, if you want to process 1 ton of waste radiators, this radiator crushing and separation machine will be a good choice. It is a dry and physical separation method, without any pollution and with low material loss. This radiator crushing and separation machine can also be customized with PLC control, high degree of automation.

With the above, we can use radiator recycling machine to obtain copper and aluminium from 1 tons waste radiators. If you are interested in the radiator recycling machine , and want to know more information about the radiator recycling machine machine. You can contact us and we will give you our best support. Henan Doing Company is professional radiator recycling machine manufacturer, with own engineers team and factory manufacturing team. Any requirement, welcome to contact DOING!

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