How can I start an e-waste recycling business in India?

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E-waste recycling business is one of the hottest business right now, especially in India, where e-waste is pilling up. More and more people want to start an e-waste recycling business in India. Well, how to start this business? Let's take a look.

e-waste recycling machineRelated license

Firstly, if we want to start e-waste recycling business in India, we have to get some licenses, like PBG, SLF, environmental permit document, etc. Without these licenses, we would not be able to do anything.

e-waste recycling machineE-waste pictures

After obtaining the related licences, we need to collect the e-waste. In India, collecting quantities of e-waste is not a difficult task. We can collect them from many depots, computer dismantling centers, appliance dismantling centers, SMT factory, etc. Certainly, we need to collect them at a low price.

e-waste recycling machineFinal products's uses

Then, we need to find a good market for our final product. The final products of e-waste are metals and resin fiber. The metals can be sold to metal trading market directly, or they can be used for refining/electrolyte. The resin can be used for making wooden plastic products, ground painting, fireproof material, etc. The sales price higher, the profit higher.

e-waste recycling machineE-waste recycling machine

Last but not least, choosing a recycling machine with high separation rate, energy saving and automatic. A machine with high separation rate can help us get more and purer metals and resin fiber and then sale at a high price, and energy saving can help us save cost on power consumption, meanwhile, automaticmachine will help us save cost on labor force. A good machine is half of a successful e-waste recycling business.

Henan Doing Group's e-waste recycling machine has been became many customers’ preference. Except the high separation rate and energy saving, it is also environmental friendly, which makes it easier to get licenses. If you are considering to start an e-waste recycling business, welcome to contact us to buy e-waste recycling machine.

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