Car radiator recycling machine for sale

Brief introduction of car radiator recycling machine:

car radiator recycling machineCar radiator recycling machine

Car radiator recycling machine is used for recycling car radiators to get metal copper, aluminum and iron for profit. Car radiator recycling machine adopts dry type separation method, thus no secondary pollution to the environment.

Raw materials of car radiator recycling machine:

car radiator recycling machineRaw metarials

Actually, car radiator recycling machine can not only process car radiators, but also process air conditioner radiators, condensers, and refrigerators crushed materials.

Working process of car radiator recycling machine:

Shredding - Double shaft shredder shred waste car radiators into small pieces. The blades for shredder use alloy and are made by special technology which has a long service life.

Crushing - Crushing waste car radiators to particles which size is less than 3cm, then copper, aluminum, iron are not composited but still mixed together. The crusher we used is hammer crusher, it has a strong crushing force.

Negative-pressure baffling separating - Negative-pressure baffling separating is a unique process of car radiator recycling machine. This process can output lots of light aluminum and make the rest copper, heavy aluminum and iron particles go to the next step evenly.

car radiator recycling machineWorking process

Magnetic separating - Separate iron from mixed particles. The magnetic separator we used has strong magnetic force and it can remove iron automatically.

Air separating - Due to the different specific gravity of copper and aluminum, the air separator completely separates copper from aluminum.

Dust removal - During the entire working process of the car radiator recycling machine, the dust removal system has been working to keep the workshop clean.

The above is the car radiator recycling machine working video, hoping it can help get a better understanding of the working process.

Final products of car radiator recycling machine:

car radiator recycling machineFinal products and application

After processing, we can get three final products: copper, aluminum and iron. Both of them can be sold directly or be sold after melting into ingots.

Technical parameters of car radiator recycling machine:

Capacity(Kg/h)Overall DimensionPower(Kw)Weight(Kg)Recovery Rate
500kg/h16000*6500*4500mm103Kw7500kg ≥99%

Main Features of Car radiator recycling machine:

* Car radiator recycling machine is equipped with pulse dust collection, which can ensure the working environment is clean. Besides, the adopted dry physical separation method won't pollute the environment.

* The separated metals are very pure and has high quality, which can be sold directly with a considerable price.

* There are different capacity(from 500-2000kg/h) for choosing, the working efficiency is high.

* Car radiator recycling machine is fully automatic and easy to operate, due to the PLC control system.

car radiator recycling machineCar radiator recycling machine

More details about car radiator recycling machine, you can feel free to consult us. Or you can take your raw materials to our factory to test the machine.

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