Scrap circuit board recycling equipment

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Brief introduction of scrap circuit board recycling equipment:

The scrap circuit board recyclig equipment is special designed for separating copper and gold from resin fibers through dry type physical method. The equipment adopts a process route that makes printed circuit boards to be a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder by dry crushing, then separates the metals from the non-metal materials by high voltage electrostatic separator.

circuit board recycling equipment Circuit board recycling equipment and the recycled metals

Application of Scrap circuit board recycling equipment:

The scrap circuit board recycling equipment can process various waste printed circuit board, computer boards, TV boards, copper-coated plates, printed circuit boards and processing waste used electric appliances, aluminum-plastic composite panels, plastic bottle caps, aluminum foil papers, metals mineral processing, and also work for recovering various of circuit board.

Working process of scrap circuit board recycling equipment:

The whole process adopts mechanical separation methods include crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation, no fire, no chemical, no secondary waste, total friendly to the environment.

process of circuit board recycling equipment Process of circuit board recycling equipment

Feature of Scrap circuit board recycling equipment:

1.High rate of metal recovery

2.Saving power,saving manpower

3. Electricity choose separation efficiency is as high as 99.9%, finished products can be directly put on the market.

4.Targeted, especially for wire,the effect is more apparently

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