PCB seapration machine

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pcb separtion machine
PCB seapration machine
PCB separation machine is a kind of machinery used to crush waste pcb  board and separated metal and plastic .
Pcb separation machine is developed in combination with advanced domestic and foreign technology. The pcb separation machine adopts advanced recycling process by physical methods. Such crushers and high voltage electrostatic separation devices developed by the company are of strong innovation, and their process lines for resource recycling are advanced and reasonable.

PCB seapration machine main feature
pcb separation machine
PCB seapration machine main feature
1.Little noise
2.No need for water
3.Without dust polluction
4.High metal recovery rate
5.Saving motive power and human power
6.Without Wastes.
7.98% metal and nonmetal can be fully separated.

PCB seapration machine flow chart

pcb separation machine
PCB seapration machine working porcess

1:Feed the PCB into minure crusher.
 2:Use rough crusher to crush the PCB
 3:Use minute crusher to crush the PCB again
 4:Slurry will go to Vibrating table for first separating.
 5:Vibrating table will separate the copper( including all metal) from plastics.
 6:The slurry will go to another vibrating table for second separating to recover all metal.
7:Slurry will go to deposit pool
8:Water after deposit will go back to Minute crusher

PCB seapration machine advantage

(1) High recycling efficiency
(2) Good at solving problem of fibrous dust from kinds of circuit boards when pulverizing
(3) Eco-friendly
(4) Easy to operate and replace spare parts

PCB seapration machine final product

pcb machine
PCB seapration machine final product

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