Hubei customer ordered a set of 300-400kg/h aluminum-plastic panel recycling machine

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On January 4, 2022, a customer in Hubei province, China successfully ordered a set of 300-400kg/h aluminum-plastic panel recycling machine from Henan Doing Company.

The customer had some Samsung and TCL brand aluminum-plastic panel scraps, so he decided to buy a set of aluminum-plastic panel recycling machine to recycle them and get the valuable aluminum and plastic products. After a lot of understanding, the customer found that Henan Doing is a good choice, so he sent an inquiry to our company in early November 2021. In the process of communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer's raw materials were special, so he especially cared about the separation effect of raw materials.

aluminum-plastic panelsScrap aluminum-plastic panels

Based on his requirements, our engineer recommended the 300-400kg/h aluminum-plastic panel recycling machine, and introduced the recycling process of the machine in detail, and also showed the relevant machine operation videos and the sorted product samples for his reference. In addition, our engineer invited the customer to visit our factory and on January 4, 2022, this Hubei customer brought the aluminum-plastic panel scraps raw materials to test the machine.

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And the customer was very satisfied with the separation effect of the aluminum-plastic panel recycling machine and the quality & purity of the separated aluminum and plastic products. Therefore, he immediately signed a contract with our company and ordered a set of 300-400kg/h aluminum-plastic panel recycling machine that day.

aluminum-plastic panel recycling machineAluminum-plastic panel recycling machine

As a professional manufacturer of aluminum-plastic panel recycling machine for more than ten years, Henan Doing company has an experienced team of engineers who can customize excellent equipment at preferential prices and provide multi-directional technical support for you. If you have equipment needs, please contact us!

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