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PCB Board Recycling Machine

PCB board recycling machine is a kind of e waste recycling machinery, which is specially designed for separating the precious metals from resin and fiber for recycle use. The whole process adopts mechanical separation methods include crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation, no fire, no chemical, no secondary waste, total friendly to the environment.


PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

Application Scope of PCB Board Recycling Machine:

The input materials could be waste printed circuit boards, copper-clad plates, computer mother boards, etc.


PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling

Specification of PCB Board Recycling Machine:

General Model Capacity (kg/h) Power(kw) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Recovery Rate
DY-1000 150-200 45 6000*7500*4200 4250 ≧99%
DY-1500 200-300 68 7000*8200*4500 6500
DY-1800 300-500 110 8000*11000*4800 8500
DY-2000 1000-1200 198 8200*16000*5250 12500

Design Features of PCB Board Recycling Machine:

1. The whole PCB recycling process is controlled by PLC system, easy to operate, fully automatic;

2. Reasonable layout with compact structure, stable performance, low noise;

3. The crushing process include primary shredding and fine crushing with circulation water cooling to ensure the good performance;

4. Adopt negative pressure feeding system with pulse dust collector, which ensure no dust leakage and clean working environment;

5. The separation process adopts air separation and electrostatic separation methods, the separation rate of metals and nonmetals could reach to higher than 99%.

Auxiliary Equipment: PCB Dismantling Machine

PCB dismantling machine is the supporting equipment for PCB recycling machine to dismantle the electronic components from PCB base boards before crushing and separation process. The electronic components dismantled from PCB base boards could be collected and sold separately.

PCB board recycling machinePCB Dismantling Machine

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