PCB/Printed circuit boards recycling line

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PCB/Printed circuit boards recycling line, which is also called PCB recycling machine, can process different kinds of waste boards in TV, refrigerator, computer, mobile, etc. Through an environmental friendly process, precious metals will be separated from waste circuitboards, thus to get high profit, as well as protect the environment.

Working process of PCB/Printed circuit boardsrecycling line:

Step 1: Dismantling electronic components

Usually, the first step of printed circuit board recycling is to dismantle the electronic components from the printed circuit boards by using PCB dismantling machine. Then you will get bared boards and electronic components.

Step 2: Shredding and crushing

Using a double shaft shredder to shredthe bared boards into small pieces about 2-5cm. Then using hammerhead crusher and hammer crusher to crush these small pieces into particles about 24mesh. After crushing, these particles will be sent to an eddy-vibratingscreen. If the particles are too big, they won't go through the sieving screen. And the eddy-vibrating screen will send the big particles back to crusher for further crushing. Only small enough particles can go through the eddy-vibrating screen.

Step 3: Air separation and electrostatic separation

At last, these small particles will be sent to air separator and electrostatic separator. Air separator and electrostatic separator will separate the metals from resin fiber in these particles according to their different gravity and conductivity. Iron could be removed in advance by the magnetic separation process, which will not affect the final metals selling price.

Final products uses of PCB/Printed circuit boards recycling line:

PCB/Printed circuit boards recycling lineFinal product uses

After processing, the mixed metals could be sold directly in metal trading market for profit. Or you can extract the precious metals from the mixed metals and then sell. As for resin fiber, they have wide application, like resin tile, building brick, grounding paint, wood-plastic products, etc. All of them can bring profit to us.

Features of PCB/Printed circuit boards recycling line:

1. Adopting electrostatic separation method, metal separation rate can reach to 99%;

2. PLC control system and compacted design, which can saving space, manpower, etc.

3. Dry type physical separation method and dust removal system, which has no pollution to environment.

4. High workingefficiency - processing capacity range from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h.

5. High economic benefit - good quality and high separation rate metals and resin fiber can bring high profit.

Successfully project cases of PCB/Printed circuit boards recycling line:

Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of PCB/Printed circuit boards recycling machinery. Our machine has exported to many countries, like Russia, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, etc. In China, we has also done several governmentprojects, such as Beijing Military Region, Yunnan Security Bureau, etc.

PCB recycling business is very welcomed these years. So if you are also interested in it, please feel free to contact us!

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