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What is the current situation of e-waste recycling industry and how to effectively recycle e-waste?

According to the Global E-Waste Monitor 2020, the global e-waste production has increased annually since 2014, increasing by 9.2 million tons to 2019, and nearly 2 million tons per year now. E-waste is generated about 53.6 million tons (excluding photovoltaic panels) in 2019.

In 2019, 9.3 million tons of e-waste was officially recorded for collection and recycling, or 17.4 percent of all e-waste generated. Since 2014, e-waste recycling has increased by 1.8 million tons, with an annual growth rate of nearly 400,000 tons. However, total e-waste production increased by 9.2 million tons, or nearly 2 million tons per year. It is clear that e-waste recycling has not kept pace with its global growth. Therefore, recycling and disposal of e-waste is imminent. So how do you recycle e-waste? How can it be better recycled so that it can be used more efficiently?

1.Breaking down and sell e-waste

e waste recycling machineComponents of waste computer

As we know, e-waste is waste computers, smartphones, TV and other house electronics which consist of plastic, resin, iron, copper, aluminum and other metals. If you have a small amount of e-waste, you can sell them to e-waste recycling plant or discard them into corresponding dustbins. If you want to recycle a large amount of e-waste, you can breaking them down into different parts. Then selling them to corresponding plant according to their use and get profit. Especially, the waste PCB board and wires contains in the e-waste.

2.Recycling waste electronics PCB board

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

Waste electronics PCB board is contained in the e-waste, which is made of resin fibers and mixed metal. Both of these two substances have a good market prospect. But they only can be separated by machine or chemical. Using PCB board recycling machine of Henan Doing to separate mixed metal and resins would be environmental friendly method. Due to the machine adopts dry and physical method to separate resin fibers and mixed metals, it would not pose any potential problems to water, soil and air. The separation rate of mixed metals and resin fibers is up to 99%. Compared to recycling by breaking down, the recycling rate of separating waste electronics PCB board by machine would be more high. Also, you could sell resin fibers and mixed metals in a good price.

3. Recycling waste copper wires

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

There are a great amount of waste copper wires contained in the e-waste, which could be recycled and further processed to get copper and plastics. You need a set of waste copper wire recycling machine, which is specialized in separating copper and plastic contains of waste copper wires. DOING’s copper wire recycling machine is equipped with electrostatic separation which can achieve the metal recycling rate up to 99.9%. There is no any dust during the running process of the entire machine, ensures the cleanliness of the plant. In this way, you can not only get the valuable products --copper and plastic, but also recycle the waste copper wire to protect the environment.

After separating, copper could be sold to metal recovery market or Copper electrolysis plant as raw materials. And plastics could be made of new wire skin and other plastic products. Except for the cost of labour, land, electricity and others, the profit of one day is still considerable.

At present, the e-waste recycling industry has a good prospect. If you have interests in investing recycling e-waste industry, you could contact us when you confront of problems.

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