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Medical Blister Pack Recycling Machine

Medical blister pack recycling machine is a kind of aluminum plastic separation machine, which is specially designed for processing the aluminum plastic composite materials like medical blister pack. Medical blister pack as one kind of aluminum plastic composite materials, is one of the most common materials in life, also there are big amount leftover materials generated from medical industry during production. Through medical blister pack recycling machine, aluminum and plastic components of scrap medical blisters could be separated for recycle use.

medical blister pack recycling machineMedical blister pack recycling machine

Application Scope of Medical Blister Pack Recycling Machine:

Many kinds of aluminum plastic packages, like medical blister, food package, etc.

medical blister pack recycling machineAluminum and plastic separated from medical blister pack

Specification of Medical Blister Pack Recycling Mchine:

General Model Capacity (kg/h) Power(kw) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Separation Rate
DY-300 200-300 70 7500*6000*4200 6500 ≥99%
DY-600 500-600 115 9500*7500*4200 7800
DY-800 700-800 215 11500*8000*4200 12800

Main Features of Medical Blister Pack Recycling Machine:

1. The whole process of the medical blister pack recycling machine is controlled by PLC, which is fully automatic to work.

2. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, with noise reduction control.

3. The crushing and grinding system is equipped with circulation water cooling device, which could ensure the plastic not be melted or discolored during the crushing and grinding process.

4. The separation process adopts dry type electrostatic separation, no water, no chemical, no fire, no heating, thus no pollution to the air, but only bring benefit by recycling the scrap to usable products.

5. Dust would be collected by pulse dust collector during the production process, thus to keep clean working environment.

6. The separation rate and purity could reach to 99.9%.

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