What is aluminum plastic sorting machine used for?

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Product details:

aluminum plastic sorting machineAluminum plastic sorting machine

Aluminum plastic sorting machine is used for processing waste aluminum composite materials, to get high purity and good quality aluminum and plastic, adopting dry type physical separation method.

Processing Raw Materials:

It can process waste aluminum plastic composite materials, like medical blister packs, aluminum composite panel(ACP) and aluminum foils.

raw materials and final productsRaw materials and final products & application

Final products and application:

Aluminum: It can be sold directly in the market, or it can be made to aluminum ingot, firework, bubble brick, etc.

Plastic: It can be made into blister sheet, tray, pelleting, etc.And it also can be sold directly.

Processing capacity:

Capacity (Kg/h) Overall Dimension Power (Kw) Weight (Kg) Recovery Rate
200-300kg/h 8500*4500*4200mm 94kw 6800kg ≥99%
300-400kg/h 9500*5000*4200mm 135kw 7600kg
500-600kg/h 11500*6500*4200mm 316kw 12600kg
800-1000kg/h 16000*9000*4200mm 483kw 13500kg


configuration of aluminum plastic sorting machineConfiguration of aluminum plastic sorting machine

Different processing capacity has different configurations. The basic configuration of aluminum plastic sorting machine is consisted of belt conveyor, crusher, grinder, cooling system, eddy-vibrating screen, electrostatic separator and dust removal system.

Working process:

Crushing - Grinding - cooling system - sieving - electrostatic separation

working process of aluminum plastic sorting machineAluminum plastic sorting machine working process

1. Input waste aluminum plastic composite materials into crusher, the waste aluminum plastic composite materials will be crushed into small particles.

2. Grinding the particles into powder by using a grinder.

3. Using an eddy-vibrating screen to control the size of powder.

4. Then use an electrostatic separator to separate aluminum and plastic.

5. During whole process, we collect the dust by using a pulse dust collector.


The crusher uses SKD-11 alloy blades with hardness in HRC58 which could ensure the good toughness under high wear resistance guarantee with the alternated splayed structure.

Grinding mill is equipped with air cooling and water cooling system, which could avoid the material melting cause by high temperature generated from grinding process.

grinding millGrinding mill

Electrostatic separator can separate metal and plastic by high voltage electrostatic, along with bucket elevator to form an automatic sorting circle system to get high separate rate over 99.9%.

Pulse dust collector, equips with pulse valve to clean dust automatically, has high dust remove rate over 99.5%.

pulse dust collectorPulse dust collector

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