What is the best way of extracting precious metals from circuit boards?

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There are many ways to extract precious metals from circuit boards, like fire treatment, biological methods, chemical separation, etc.. Mechanical separation(circuit board recycling machine) is also one of the ways of extracting precious metals, which has been proved to be the best way of extracting precious metals from circuit boards. Do you want to know the reason? Don't hurry, let's have a look.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection is a global concern. The best way of extracting precious metals from circuit boards shouldn't produce bad effect to environment. Mechanical separation adopts dry type physical separation method, which is different from fire treatment, biological methods and chemical separation., without using fire, chemicals, or water. It won't produce pollution to environment, which is an environmental protection type machine.

High separation rate & High profit

circuit board recycling machineCircuit board recycling machine

The chemical solvent used in the chemical treatment method and fire used in fire treatment will mix precious metals and non-metals together, which is not easy to separate, so the separation rate will be relatively low. The mechanical separation uses the principle of crushing and separating, which can separate metals from non-metal with the separation rate of 99%. And this treatment won't damage the quality of precious metals, so the separated precious metals are of high purity and good quality. The more precious metals separated and the purer they are, the higher the profit.

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PLC control systemPLC control system

The fire treatment and chemical method will use fire or chemical solution, so it is very easy to cause accident if improper operation. But mechanical separation can equip with PLC control system, which is easy to operate, just need 1 or 2 worker to feed and observe the working situation of machine, which is safe.

The above are the main reasons to prove that mechanical separation is the best way of extracting precious metals from circuit boards. Henan Doing Company's circuit board recycling machine is designed for processing waste circuit boards and destroying the data on the waste circuit boards. If you want to extract precious metals from circuit boards, it will be your preferred choice. Welcome to contact us to get more information.

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