Can you recycle aluminum foil for money?

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Aluminum foil is one of common materials in our life, and it has great value of recyclable. So if you ask me can you recycle aluminum foil for money? I can answer you that: of course, I can.

First of all, aluminum foil can be collected easily. When talking about the aluminum foil, it usually refers to the aluminum plastic films. These materials are very easy to collect in the local recycling center, so about raw materials collecting, you don't need worry about that at all. Besides, the price of these raw materials is pretty cheap.

aluminum foilAluminum foil

Secondly, aluminum, as a precious metals, has great demand around the world. The Aluminum Association released preliminary estimates as part of its monthly Aluminum Situation report showing an estimated 7.7% demand growth for the aluminum industry in North America (U.S. and Canada) in 2021. This outpaced estimated 5.7% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the United States in 2021. And the price of aluminum can even reach to $3670, according to the

aluminum price trendingAluminum price trending

The profit of aluminum foil recycling business is mainly influenced by the aluminum price, due to the price of raw materials is transparent in the market. So as long as you can get high purity and good quality aluminum, you can get high profit. About recycling aluminum, there are many ways, like fire burning, chemical dissolution, mechanical crushing and separating, etc. But if you want to get high purity and good quality of aluminum, the mechanical crushing and separating will be the best way.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

Henan Doing Company's aluminum plastic recycling machine adopts dry type physical separation method, without using fire, chemical solution, which can separate aluminum without damaging the quality and polluting the environment. Besides, the configuration of electrostatic separator can separate aluminum from aluminum foil with high separating rate, which can reach to 99%. The separated aluminum can be sold as a considerable price, due to the good quality and high purity.

Henan Doing's machines are sold to more than 60 countries around the world, helping many customers to make money from the aluminum foil recycling business. So if you also want to get profit from aluminum foil recycling business, aluminum plastic recycling machine will be your rare good helper. Welcome to contact us!

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