200-300kg/h aluminum plastic recycling machine was delivered from DOING to Taiwan, China

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On August 26, 2023, a set of 200-300kg/h aluminum plastic recycling machine was delivered from DOING to Taiwan, China on time. Here are loading and delivery pictures of the aluminum plastic recycling machine.

Loading pictureLoading picture

Delivery pictureDelivery picture

This set of 200-300 aluminum plastic recycling machine can disassemble into different parts , which is easy for transportation, installation and handling.

Aluminum plastic recycling machine details delivered to Taiwan, China:

Raw MaterialsVarious kinds of aluminum plastic composite materials: aluminum plastic foil, aluminum plastic panel, medical blister, toothpaste wrappers and milk cartons, ect.
Final ProductsAluminum and plastic
ConfigurationCrusher, magnetic separator, grinding mill,circulation water cooling system, electrostatic separator, pulse dust collector

Soon this set of 200-300kg/h aluminum plastic recycling machine will arrive at our Taiwan customer's factory site. Then our engineers will guide the installation of aluminum plastic recycling machine, and then our Taiwan customers can carry out the recycling of aluminum plastic foil for profit.

Aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

Henan Doing Company has cooperated with thousands of customers to provide them with customized solid waste solutions. If you have waste wires and cables/circuit boards/aluminum plastic composite materials/scrap radiators/lithium batteries, etc. that need to be recycled, welcome to send us your inquiry. Our team of sales managers and engineers can provide more than just professional advice, guidance and service!

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