Is your aluminum plastic recycling machine environmental friendly? Will it cause pollution?

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Environmental protection is the trend all over the world. As a aluminum plastic recycling machine manufacturer, there are many people asked me the questions: Is your aluminum plastic recycling machine environmental friendly? Will it cause pollution? Now, I will answer the question. Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd's aluminum plastic recycling machine is environmental friendly and it won't cause any pollution.

working process of aluminum plastic recycling machineWorking process of aluminum plastic recycling machine

Firstly, the working process of aluminum plastic recycling machine is: feeding - crushing - grinding - rotating vibration screening - electrostatic separation - aluminum & plastic. The first is knife crushing, and the crushed materials are transported to the next step by air transport. The air transport conveyor is a fully enclosed transportation, which can prevent the pollution of the working environment of the factory building caused by the random flying of materials, and keep the environment around the factory clean. And as for the produced dust during processing, it is equipped with pulse dust removal system, so it won't pollute air.

pulse dust collectorPulse dust collector

Besides, our aluminum plastic recycling machine adopts dry type physical separation method, which is no water, no fire and no chemical. So it won't cause pollution on water resource or soil. As a machine, there must be some noise when working. But the noise is within 85 decibels of the noise standard of the industrial zone. Therefore, it won't produce noise pollution either.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

Henan Doing Company is a comprehensive enterprise related to design, research and development, manufacture, marketing, technical support and installation service. Its aluminum plastic recycling machine can separate aluminum from plastic of aluminum-plastic materials. The purity & quality of aluminum and plastic are pretty high, which can bring higher profit to us. If you are interested in it, and want to know more information about the machine. You can contact us and we will give you our best support.

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