What is the process of recycling precious metals from electronic waste?

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As we all know here are many kind of precious metals in electronic waste, such as gold, sliver, platinum, palladium and so on. Actually, we can recycle these precious metals. Then are you curious that what is the process of recycling precious metals from electronic waste? There are many ways to recycle precious metals from electronic waste, like chemical method, incineration method, etc. In this article, I will introduce an environmental-friendly way: using PCB recycling machine.

The above 3D video is Doing company's PCB recycling machine working process of processing capacity of 500kg/h. From this video, we can learn that the working process of PCB recycling machine is very easy, just including crushing and separating.

working process of PCB recycling machineWorking process of PCB recycling machine

We put the PCB on the conveyor belt, then the shredder will shred PCB as 5cm pieces. After two crusher crush the PCB, we will get the PCB under 4mm. The next step is sieving. Eddy-vibrating screen can control the PCB size under 20 mesh. Those whose are above 20 mesh will be sent back to crusher for further crushing. Next, we will do the separating. The first separating machine uses air separator, which can help us separate about 95% metal and resin&fiber. After this, there will be some metal mixed in resin&fiber still. Then we will use electrostatic separator to do the next separation. Because the metal and plastic have different electric properties, and it will be very easy to separate them by taking advantages of their different properties.

PCB recycling machinePCB recycling machine

PCB recycling machine is a physical way to get metal and plastic, which has no fire, no chemical, or no water. There just be some dust during processing, but we have pulse dust collector and cyclone dust collector to collect dust. This is a total environmental-friendly machine.

Because the recycling business become popular. If you want to know about this business, you can contact with us Doing company, we have professional engineer team and sale manager can give you much suggestion about this business. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

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